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Happy Banquet Day!

Today is our big day, our Section’s Member Appreciation & Scholarship Awards Banquet! Much to prepare for tonight, so more to come later. See you at the W Hotel!


My Debut as Race Director

This weekend marks my official debut as race director! I proudly present the 5K Fun Run/Walk for my colleagues at the Silicon Valley sites as well as their family and friends.I am so proud to have led and organized such an effort. The cause has connected me further with running in a new way where I can appreciate the races in which I attend as a runner. I have learned it is not at all easy being a race director. This upcoming race will include approximately 70 participants, truly trivial, when compared to the grand, popular marathon events — usually on the order of 45,000+ runners. At times, the race director position was a high-pressured and challenging role. But I loved every single moment of it! I hope to have more opportunities to explore and develop this new aspect of running, and I will be sure to report on how this Saturday’s event will turn out.

If you would like to participate in the 5K Fun Run/Walk, there is still time! Please send me a message as soon as possible, so that I can get you registered before the cutoff time – tomorrow by the end of the day. Hope to see you there!